Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Something disturbing...

I think I discovered something a little, well, disturbing about myself. I was looking through an email and there was a small ad at the top for clothes made by a woman named Lilly Pulitzer. The dress in the ad was super cute. So, I clicked on the ad and Oh. My. God. The clothes are so cute! They are the best! So then I started poking around to see what else she did/made and started to run into the most amazing web sites of cool clothes and shoes. This is obvious to most of the rest of the world and doesn't sound disturbing, on the face of it. What IS disturbing is that I recognized that I have always loved things like topsiders, canvas bags, LaCoste shirts, (aka alligator shirts), khakis, pink and green, sweater sets, pearls. Okay, you say. Not disturbing what is the deal with the woman?! Well, the disturbing part is that all of these are the signature of a PREPPY!!! Wait. It gets better. I have two dogs. Not just one. Not a teeny little dog in a jacket but two HUGE hounds that slobber and shed and think they can get on the furniture and have names like Rufus and Lincoln. I sail. I have a cottage (we call it camp but...). I vacation in places like Castine and Biddeford Pool, Maine and Hilton Head. OMG. This was all starting to paint this picture that I simply was NOT aware of. To make matters worse I love William F. Buckley. Thank goodness I don't play tennis or send my children to private boarding schools. I would be in deep trouble then. But at least I could wear my pearls.

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