Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Okay, it's really about the chicks

So, I'm over my rant from the other day and just want to brag on my little chicks and ducklings. Oh. My. God. Are they ever cute. We get them every year because we have a large predator mafia hanging in the woods here; fox, coyote, hawk, owl...you name it. We lose chickens and ducks like crazy. My dear, four year-old rooster, Mr. Backus, was eaten this spring along with six or seven hens and an old duck. It was a little traumatic to come home from a trip, where a house-sitter had been employed, to discover that the hen house was nearly empty. Just a few scrawny bantam roosters and their girlfriends. And the ever-present Guinea Hens. Don't get me wrong. I love my Guineas. Beautiful and ugly all at once and the best watch dog, er, birds we've ever had. Sorry Rufus. Anyway. This year, after my dh was laid off, I was sad for the lack of chickens in my life. And then! I went to Tractor Supply for feed for what was left of my poultry and lo and behold! Chicks for .50 each!! Even a broke, unemployed wife of a broke, unemployed man couldn't say no to that. So, I bought six and my daughter bought two ducklings with her own money. And now we have happiness cheeping in the dining room. They are warm and soft and look at you like, "who are you again?" every time you peer into the box. Life is good when you have baby hens and ducks singing themselves, and you, to sleep.
Having chickens, a bread oven and a large garden helps me to feel like I have a little more control over my life than I probably actually do. But does that teensy little bit of rationalization harm anyone? And in the end doesn't it, maybe even help the world in a small way? Because, if I am helped by it and it keeps me sane and able to be a contributing human being in this current incarnation of craziness then that has to be good for something. I mean, really. If I reacted to the news like any sentient being should I could just hop into bed and spend the rest of my natural days there, crippled by despair. But by exercising my freedom; my right to grow my own food and educate my children the way our family sees fit, I somehow am able to keep it together for another day. To get out there and be as productive and helpful as possible. This is good. And I have the chicks to thank for it.

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